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In Brasov, also a previous Saxon colony, there is the narrowest street in Romania. Besides this curiosity, the city offers a pleasant square which can be reached by a pedestrian street populated by numerous cafes.

Nearby there is the “Biserica Neagra”, the Black Church, which owes its color to a fire.

After the city tour with a visit to the fortress situated on a bristling hill, the next day I go to Bran, famous for its castle.

It was built by the Teutonic Knights, but his fame is due to Bram Stoker, who settled here his famous novel.

But, surprise … The principe Vlad the Impaler (so called because of his nice attitude to impalement) didn`t ever owned this castle. Yes, it is a fake, like the vampires.

Cheers, attempting to hide my dog-teeth…

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Sibiu, Sighişoara

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Sibiu, a town in Transylvania, with its lovely central square, was founded by the Saxons of Transylvania, settlers of German origin, whose legacy in architecture is clearly visible. Of the more than 20,000 at the beginning of last century, today there are little more than a tenth.

After visiting the city I visited the Museum of villages where whole house, stables, buildings and working water mills and windmills have been rebuilt or moved.

Even Sighisoara, next stop, was founded by the Saxons. Its historic center is well preserved: in addition to the clock tower there is the “Church on the hill”, reached by a steep covered-staircase made of wood, after skirting the little cemetery with centuries old lapidary stones

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