Dopo Bratislava…

maggio 6th, 2010 | Posted by dokk in Slovacchia

Banská Štiavnica might be the set of a film set in 800 when Count Vlad is secluded at night in some alley, to catch his victims.
The town is very nice and well kept, but perhaps not yet the tourist season, maybe the people prefer to stay at home in the evening, there is not a soul around.
The first day I counted up to 30 people, including those in the restaurant. And the village has 3,000 inhabitants.
I visited the old castle, then the new one located on the opposite hill. And then an old mine, 1 km long and a half, with the tour guide who explained everything in Slovak, obviously.
Me in the mine

The dinner is “Venison” smothered in blueberries and served with zucchini, onions, raw and parboiled rice balls. A delicacy.
I wet it with two glasses of good red wine.
I concluded with palačinky with ice cream, cream, berries and chocolate.
Total expenditure: 11.66 euros.

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