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Million Kurds live in southern Turkey and northern Iran, Iraq and Syria. They demand independence or autonomy. The matter is thorny.

Some photos:

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La valle tra i due fiumi…

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… Mesopotamia.

So Battiato sang a few years ago.

That ‘s the view from the walls of Diyarbakir, the longest in the world after the Great Wall in China. The bridge on the far left through one of the most important river of all time, the Tigris:

A kebab seller:

This is real Kursistan:

The road to Hasankeyf:

And here at last, one of the basic factors of civilization, the Tigris, in Hasankeyf:

Goats are cooling in the shade. There are between 38 and 40 degrees, with a warm wind that lifts the sand from the edge of the river:

A minaret:

A blond girl with blue eyes, Kurdish. We ask if you have family in Germany and she says “Allah korusun”,that is  “God preserve us!”

I’m glad, you see that?

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