Vivere Damasco

marzo 8th, 2011 | Posted by dokk in Siria - (0 Comments)

Living Damascus

Living Damascus is walking in al-Hamidiyya souq and then turn randomly to discover the clothes market, the trimming market, the tissue one, where locals supplie for daily needs. Then in the spice souq, one of my favorites in each place I visited, and in the carpets one and the gold one, of course.
It’s crossing a pony express who goes fast by his bike, while holding a huge basket of bread on his head with one hand.
Living Damascus is stopping at a kiosk and take a fresh pomegranate juice, while watching a young boy carrying a sack on a rickety cart, maneuvering through crowd and vans.
It’s take a look in the courtyard of an old house and be invited to a coffee from a Christian family who is about to celebrate her son marriage.
Living Damascus is spending 16 days for enjoying the sun, the relax, the food, the shisha, the company of other travelers enthusiastic of the world’s oldest capital.

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