La regione di Kakheti

settembre 8th, 2010 | Posted by dokk in Georgia - (3 Comments)

I arrive in Telavi and suddenly I go to the accomodatin recomended me by Takashi, Manana house, a private house managed by an old kind woman.  The town is a good startin point to explore the surroundıngs. Here some photos:

Alle ore 17…

The Alaverdi monastery:

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Nello Svaneti

settembre 6th, 2010 | Posted by dokk in Georgia - (2 Comments)

From Tbilisi to Zugdidi by night train, in first class (7 euro circa):

Then on wheel. The 70% of the road, for 4 hours and half, by marshrutka, was like this:

This is the region landscape:

This is Mestia, a village at 1500 meters, unique for the series of towers perched along the mountainside. Here, during wars and invasions, the georgians brought or sent their valuable assets, given the difficult accessibility’of the place:

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