Le vacanze sono finite

gennaio 17th, 2011 | Posted by dokk in Cose sparse - (3 Comments)

Christmastime and New Year Day are gone, likewise my times of kebab, falafel, deserts, ruined cities, camels, donkeys, mosquees and sitted police men while smoking shisha.

But I have some more stuff to be written. Hope you will enjoy it :)

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Non ne parliamo da un po’

settembre 15th, 2010 | Posted by dokk in Qui si mangia e si beve - (3 Comments)

In Şanlıurfa I ate this, after many:

Turkish Kebab

It’s kebab, served with parsley, red cabbage and raw onion. They accompany it with nice red peppers, a little hot, roasted.

On the side there is a sour yogurt.

Behind there is the bread to be rolled. And what is that white thing in the glass? It’s ayran!

<<a yogurt-based beverage, with cold water and salt, originary from Turkey>>

I like it very much.

Turkish Kebab

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