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At the arrival the city doesn`t excites me: chaotic, no information, no tourist office and it is not clear which is the center. One must get used to and see how it is developed to begin orientation.

But when you begin to discover the right ways, embraced by enormous aristocratic palaces and monstrous communist buildings, one next to the other, things change.

Capitalism won…

The visit to Casa Popurului, or People`s House, is not to be missed: today hosting the Romanian Parliament, it is the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon and is built entirely with materials and artifacts from Romania, communist-style self-sufficient.

Tons of marble, glass and carpets: to build it and the huge boulevard 40,000 buildings were razed.

It has a volume exceeding 10% that of the Cheops pyramid … Awesome.


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Budapest, le foto…

maggio 21st, 2010 | Posted by dokk in Ungheria - (5 Comments)
Some photos:

The Parliament, on the Danube
Budapest Parliament

The castle
Budapest castle

Inside the castel
inside Budapest castle

Chain Bridge
Chain Bridge

Another view on the parliament

And in the end…
Goulash soup

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